The exceptional success of our team of Capture Managers can be attributed to their esteemed reputation and established relationships in both Public and Private sectors. This empowers them to develop compliant, inventive, and adaptive strategies, creating the competitive proposals that acquisition officers and source selection committee members actively seek. 

Many of our Capture specialists boast illustrious careers with prominent federal contracting firms and hold high-level security clearances, including Top Secret (with additional access). This formidable fusion of experience and credentials delivers a "force multiplying effect" for your top-priority pursuits while providing invaluable insights for effective competitive landscape development.

At AGS, our highly-regarded Capture Managers utilize their established reputations, strong relationships, extensive community involvement, and profound customer understanding to provide powerful solutions for your most demanding business Captures. Simultaneously, every Capture engagement is approached with the strategic finesse of a three-dimensional chess match! Allow our Capture experts to assist you in:

  • Capture Training, Mentoring, and Coaching
  • Capture Management
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Recommendations & Negotiations for Teaming and Partnerships
  • Win Theme Development
  • Value Proposition Creation

We also offer comprehensive pricing support, including:

  • Competitive Pricing Guidance
  • Price-to-Win (P2W) Analysis
  • Preparation of Cost Volumes and Narratives
  • Rate Optimization